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  • What is difference between C10 & C20 capacity rating?
    C10 rating is known to be FAST DISCHARGE whereas a C20 rating is attributed as MEDIUM DISCHARGE. C10 rated batteries are always recommended for solar and industrial purposes with the best charging and discharging rates. As the high load uses battery power, it is capable of delivering more energy in a short time.
  • How much is expected lifespan of Tubo tubular flooded batteries?
    If battery is operating at recommended parameters the it is forecasted that Tubo tubular flooded batteries can last upto 7+yrs
  • How much is recommended Float voltage ?
    Best recommended FLOAT VOLTAGE range is 14.2V to 14.8V
  • Are C10 rated capacity batteries are more suitable for SOLAR ?
    Yes, C10 batteries are designed for faster charge & discharge rate allowing batteries to eb charged in lesser time comparing to C20 batteries also they are build for heavy loads and longer life span.
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