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Power Solutions

Tubular Batteries C10 &C20 

  • More than 6 years float life at 20°C.​

  • Longer life design at renewable energy applications according to IEC61427

  • Wide operating temperature range from -15°C to 60°C

  • Nano electrolytes eliminate acid stratification and prolong cycle life

  • Round trip efficiency is as high as 85%.

  • Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life.)

  • Excellent deep discharge recovery capability.

GEL Batteries

Gel battery is using the gel as an electrolyte instead of liquid acid. The gel is usually produced by homogeneous dispersion of pyrogenic silica in diluted sulfuric acid. Pyrogenic silica is a kind of powder of very well-dispersed SiO, which absorb more than 10 times of its weight in acid liquid to produce a gel. Because of the thixotropic property of gel, the agglomerates are connecting themselves together as a network that keeps the liquid inside and becomes a gel structure after a certain gelling time. The Gel battery has no liquid inside, the electrolytes are in gel form and stand solid between the positive and negative plates inside the battery.

Automotive Batteries

We at TUBO make a high-quality automotive battery using CaPb+ American technology with advanced Calcium Lead Silver Alloy, Our MF Series keep consistent with JIS and DIN Standards with super cranking power which ensures dependable start in cold weather, excellent corrosion-resistance performance in high-temperature condition and great vibration resistance.

Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle manufacturers demand the best so overwhelmingly choose TUBO With over 12 years of development, every TUBO motorcycle battery provides the same high performance, quality, and reliability as your bike’s original. TUBO Motorcycle batteries come factory-activated, meaning that they are charged, acid-filled, sealed, and activated during manufacture. TUBO batteries have a slower self-discharge rate and a longer life which means they outperform other batteries TUBO batteries also provide high performance, exceptional quality, and proven reliability.

Hybrid Inverter's

TUBO pure sine wave inverters supply current from the battery in a reliable and cleaner form. It is very similar to the pattern offered by normal wall sockets. The output offered by it. TUBO Pure Sine wave inverters are the best choice for those who wish to use the inverter for high-powered appliances including air coolers, microwaves, or TV. They provide efficiency and consume less power. Pure sine wave inverters are reliable and very effective for running multiple devices as they adjust the voltage according to the power requirements. Even though these inverters are a bit costly, they are an ideal choice that can take heavy loads.

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